Objection to U.S. Department of Defense’ false claim of ownership!

Objection to U.S. Department of Defense’ false claim of ownership!

Published in The Revolutionary Times News on (1-9-2024)


The assembly of Elohim hereby objects to the United States Air Force military branch of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) falsely claiming ownership of the sky. The sky belongs to YHWH, the Living God (Gen 1:1) who gave all of creation as an inheritance (Col 1:15-17) to His one and only Son, Jesus the Christ/Messiah.

The false claim by the DoD is also considered an admission of guilt by the DoD of attacking, spraying and spying on the populace from the sky they have falsely claimed ownership to including but not limited to the following;

  • Genetically modified mosquitoes were let loose into the air in the U.S. approximately April of 2022 to curb the spread of disease. Since their release infection rates have risen as DoD continues experimentation upon the populace.
  • It took several days for DoD to decide to destroy an alleged Chinese balloon after circumnavigating Continental North America from west to east followed by extensive debates on whether communist China had been spying on the landscape. The DoD false claim confirms who the real culprit was, DoD, to gather intelligence and disperse tiny particles on the enemy/populace of Continental North America, followed by Three (3) more incidents directly after.
  • The DoD is responsible for programs such as High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) that heat the ionosphere to paramount levels with beams causing disasters across the world. They are now using lasers to change storm systems. This is the Hegelian Dialectic of the people running the DoD and the U.S. as slaves to the One World Order agenda, causing the atmosphere to heat up then declaring a climate emergency.
  • The spraying of aluminum, barium and other elements by jets’ chemtrails as part of the geo-engineering agenda have and are resulting in degenerative diseases and an unprecedented number of wildfires.

Published by the assembly of Elohim in accordance with Matthew 28:18

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