Fiat currency in any form is the Beast system!

Fiat currency in any form is the Beast system!

Published in The Revolutionary Times News on [12-11-2023]


The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil as stated in 1 Timothy 6:10 and is evidenced within all nations whose banking systems only acknowledge Fiat currency. The only value and substance with Fiat currency (Fiat) is the security attached to the bonds wherein the interest is the person in the flesh in many cases, most notably the courts. This is Slavery of all persons within nations that only acknowledge Fiat.

The Masons and Zionists (not to be confused with people from the tribe of Judah), as subjects to the Crown that control the United States and the private Federal Reserve have geared up FedNow and are working diligently to get Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) normalized to further control the populace. Law of Nations Book I § 106 warns of the destructiveness that follows by using currency whose intrinsic (commodity) value does not bear a just proportion to its extrinsic (security) value, in Layman’s terms- the security of the currency does not equal the commodity. In 1933 One (1) troy ounce of silver equaled Twenty-Five (25) cents in the United States. Due to inflation from securities One (1) troy ounce of silver is Twenty-Five (25) Dollars and all prices continue to rise from inflated securities. The chemical make-up or intrinsic value of silver did not change, only the extrinsic value (price) of the silver. Based on a gold or silver standard and backed with a gold or silver standard are separate circumstances. For example, if we watch a movie that is based on a true story, the movie IS NOT the true story but a facsimile of the events, fake. Backed with, or backed by, means supported with/by a valuable resource. There is no price proportionate to the value of a person in the flesh and the Crown has put a price on them based on a standard in the form of bonds (securities), thereby arbitrarily taking over authority of persons in the flesh against the true authority on earth, Jesus the Messiah, and denying all their potential inheritance from Messiah.

Honest weights and measures as witnessed within Scripture has long been abandoned by the Crown. By controlling the Fiat system bankers have the power to make an economy of their choosing flourish or collapse according to the extrinsic value of the Fiat in a country. Stockpiling gold, silver and other natural resources (commodities) to exchange later will accomplish nothing as the bankers have the power to lower the value of those resources, so when a person attempts to exchange the resource for Fiat they will receive far less than the real value. By moving to a digital Fiat system, people will be giving in to a far more sinister Beast system wherein all transactions will be monitored and regulated with the populace subject to whatever the Crown decides.

Religious/Faith views and beliefs may not be recognized by the Crown if the economy is reliant on Fiat and that is the only means of currency. Demanding Fiat is holding a populace in Slavery to a communist system of exchange, especially with CBDC, and the Crown will subject the populace to whatever Draconian agenda they may propose including but not limited to regulations and seizure of property and land, vaccination, pandemic preparedness, denying religious exemption, war, genocide and economic collapse, all agendas of the Beast system. Revelation states there will be no buying or selling but with the mark, name or number of the Beast, and with the Crown in control of all Fiat it appears that arbitrarily owning all of Yahweh/Living God’s creations including every person in the flesh and every soul is the ultimate agenda.

There is an alternative currency to Fiat available in the form of Continental Dollars (CD) and Continental Dollar Labor Backed (CDLB) issued by the Ministry of Commerce through the Continental Public Bank. CD or CDLB is manifested by helping others. Instead of a person in the flesh being an interest for a security, that person becomes a commodity by helping others. The energy exerted helping others becomes rewarding in the form of CD or CDLB, hence a person in the flesh becomes a commodity instead of an interest for a security. More information regarding CD or CDLB provided here; LINK

Published by the Ministry of Defense for the reign of the heavens in accordance with Matthew 28:18

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