Gaslighting with Critical Race Theory leads to teen death!

Gaslighting with Critical Race Theory leads to teen death!

Published in The Revolutionary Times News on (11-11-2023)



A child of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has been taken out of the world by a group of adolescents that beat Jonathon Lewis to death for intervening in the group’s theft of another student of Rancho High School in Las Vegas. It appears the mainstream media (MSM) does not want to call the heinous act a hate crime committed by black teens upon a white teen, yet if the skin colors of the teens were reversed MSM would jump on the opportunity to claim a hate crime.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been instrumental in the social engineering of the populace by CRT peddlers such as Robin D’Angelo who has been found guilty of multiple human rights violations and are in direct connection to the killing of Lewis. Clark County School District has been pushing CRT at Rancho High School evidenced in the “Plan for Improving the school climate” section of the School Performance Plan. Upon review they list organizations such as Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the National Equity Project (NEP) to promote CRT and inclusiveness while arbitrarily putting the ethnicities of students in brackets. Deaths such as Lewis’ have come while the peddlers of CRT admit failure.

The administrators of Clark County School District (CCSD) and the peddlers collaborating with CCSD are now complicit in hate crimes for pushing racism upon the students disguised as Critical Race Theory! Even CCSD’s own policies state it will hold staff accountable for not ensuring a safe and respectful environment. It’s time for parents and guardians to protect their children from the toxic atmosphere of the United States schooling system as the student’s welfare is not intended but to create further division and discord among ethnicities. The term “race” actually means descendants of a common ancestry or lineage, not the color of skin. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sent Jesus the Christ to be the perfect sacrifice for all men and women to find salvation for all sins regardless of skin color or race.

The Ministry of Defense for the reign of the heavens hereby witnesses against and condemns all peddling and gaslighting of Critical Race Theory within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of Continental North America! This international publication is openly available as evidence to all persons that are compelled to take legal action against any hate crime wherein CRT is evident, no matter the color of the victim’s or attacker’s skin. In the event that any links within this international publication become unavailable it will be considered as MSM attempting to hide the truth.

Published by the Ministry of Defense for the reign of the heavens in accordance with Matthew 28:18

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