Warning about John Harold Fulks!

Published on 10/05/2022-10/06/2022-10/07/2022

John Harold Fulks (hereinafter: “John”) has been a part of the Government of The United States of America since 2012. John has a way of dominating younger people and con them into believing he is all wise when in fact John is more violent then people would believe.  

John is a liar, he told everyone that he cannot see so John accepted help from others and one in particular for over six years. John stole labor from someone else based on a lie John told for six years until he came clean with the fact he just needed his glasses to see. 

John will get into peoples heads and advise them to do violent acts against others and create legal traps for them. If something is wrong with his computer he will accuse others that they must have planted a virus into the computer. John cuts people down when he just meets them to gain dominance thereby using his knowledge to steal their self esteem so John can control their every move.  

John believes that the militias are the ones with the authority to bring back the assemblies when in fact it says that in one constitution in Florida. Not every State. John has taken over Jay Von Spreck and has turned against his Government and country by feeding Jay Von Spreck with lies because John has a deep resentment and vendetta against the Government of The United States of America. Jay Von Spreck is now under the control of John and John is a very violent man but also a huge coward. When he faces any form of police John will be the first to cower and he sings like a tweety bird. John flips so fast against everyone it will give you whiplash. Never trust John Harold Fulks, he has a short mans complex, in a moment of even possible danger he will flip on you and throw you under a bus to save his own skin. We have witnessed it time and time again.  

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

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