The Story behind Jay Von Spreck or Von Jay Spreck!

The Story behind Jay Von Spreck or Von Jay Spreck!


Published on 10/05/2022-10/06/2022-10/07/2022


Notice: id canceled and considered stolen.

Von Jay Spreck or Jay Von Spreck (hereinafter: “Jay”) states the following:

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    “Keith, May We The People continue to awaken in 2021 and may the soldiers of God rise against the beast!!! Thank you for your service!!! I did get on telegram and I am following the media site. I have some patriots that want to join and offer services? I can refer them to general membership, however I am still interested in further discussions about postal police and continental army!!! Can you through chain of title and resolution nominate me or someone else  Commander and Chief of Continental Army? I am following my spirit and internal guidance from the source. I believe I am to lead an army of God!”

  • No one believed him at the time and we still did not believe him about this army of God business but he sure believed it. Nothing was happening with the Continental Army at the time so the Government brought him into the Army to see if Jay could do anything with it like organize it to protect the county assemblies so the people could decide their own fate through assemblies.  Jay and a woman named Paula had other plans of their own. That word is “War”. 

However, there is nothing more dangerous than a man that believes he is doing Gods work but never mentions God anywhere in his writings. However there is a lot of talk coming from Jay that he is looking for people loyal to Jay himself. Not God, not country, just Jay. He threatens former soldiers to get them into his compliance with authority that Jay does not possess.  

We believe that Jay was in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2020 and trying to find a place to hide from U.S. Marshals by this statement. By Jays actions this part was figured out later. 

“In my involvement with Postal Police and Continental Army.. with my team of patriots one of whom was kidnapped 3 days ago from their home in Ca by U.S. marshals.”

Jay is like a little Napoleon and was not by speech but by actions. Jay was one power hungry man with delusions of grandeur. One thing is for sure, he breaks his oath and convinces himself that he is following his oath meaning he truly believes his own lies much like Bill Clinton. 

The Government believes that Jay is trying to gain an army of his own and of course in the name of We the People. He was preparing, with a woman named Paula to bring in over a thousand ex-US Soldiers in a months time to march against Washington D.C. and save the so-called patriots that are in the D.C. jails. It sounds a little bit more than a service to his country thing, it is more like a personal vendetta, power hungry and delusions of being a hero so he can get women.   

We have witnessed Jay lying and continually doing nefarious things behind the back of his own Government that he is supposed to be serving. Watch out for this guy, he is dangerous, he will take advantage of people that are not with full knowledge to serve him in his own cause. Telling people lies does not seem to bother this man and claims to be in honor but none of that is true. Jay says he is fighting for the people when in fact he is fighting for himself. Jay never thought that our Father in Heaven does not need an army made up of men who are un-trust worthy and weak at heart. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

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