The truth about Howard Frederick Walker III!

The truth about Howard Frederick Walker III!

Published on 10/05/2022-10/06/2022-10/07/2022

Howard Frederick Walker III (hereinafter: “Howard”) loves to lie about people when he is caught in lies himself.

Howard claims that an embassy was stolen and that he had nothing to do with it yet he and his wife signed the deed twice. 

The truth is that Howard was trying to get out of a 7300.00 dollar sewage and garbage bill and a tax bill of 4700.00 that was placed against a house that is assessed at 9060.00 dollars. 

When the house was fixed up and improved, all of a sudden the house was stolen that also doubles as an embassy. 

Howard lies to people to gain sympathy and can conjure up tears in a matter of seconds while he lies to your face. Any question you ask him Howard claims he is being attacked and also claims his life is in danger and also his wife. Howard loves to play the weak and fearful wife card to slander his victims simply because he does not want to tell the truth when he gets caught doing nefarious things.  

NEVER do any business deal with Howard, he does not pay his bills and will let any property go into foreclosure thereby trying to convince a partner that the tax and utility people are at fault. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

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