The truth about Paula and Dan Sullivan of Arizona!

The truth about Paula and Dan Sullivan of Arizona!

Published on 10/05/2022-10/06/2022-10/07/2022

Paula and Dan Sullivan (hereinafter: (“Paula” and “Dan”) Paula’s name is first because she wears the pants in that family. Paula has been committing treason since Paula joined the Continental Army. Jay Von Spreck’s mind is weak so Paula took command of the Continental Army when she took over Jay Von Spreck or Von Jay Spreck. Jay was lost when Paula was removed from the Military. 

At the same time Dan was covering for Paula never reporting his wife for her attempting to recruit over a thousand ex U.S. Military to be commanded by non other than Paula.  Dan promised a working crypto exchange for almost a year and when confronted about the delays Dan resigned within an hour. It appeared to be a guilty conscience.

When Paula joined the Continental Army, she immediately started getting rid of people wherein Paula did not have that authority. Paula also started harassing General Post Masters and Dan covered it all up when he was supposed to report it. 

Dan is an IT tech that works for a company that supports Bank of America and Lloyds of London. Does anyone know what kind of clearance you need to have to keep the servers running for Lloyds of London? That clearance would be higher than the clearance that is needed to work for the C.I.A.

Paula is very controlling and conniving and Paula is the master mind behind all of the manufactured evidence thereby claiming that the Government of The United States of America is human trafficking, stole the Continental Army seal and is trying to steal the Continental Army itself. Paula immediately stole the domain name, hosting an Army website in her personal trust and is trying to sell Continental Army products.  If any Continental Army insignias were sold, or anything else was sold, no one knows where the money went. 

Paula is quiet while she commits treason, Dan covers it all up by playing stupid and ignorant to Paula’s activities.

If you see this couple, stay away because they are always up to no good. 

Most if not all of the manufactured evidence from Paula has been addressed here:  LINK

We welcome to see all of their so-called evidence but they are hiding it from the accused to use it to recruit more followers into the militias to go to war with the U.S.. LINK

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

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