Objections to the Claims of Jay Von Spreck!

Published on 10/03/2022-10/04/2022-10/05/2022

Jay von Spreck claims the following:

1: That the Continental Army belongs to him personally, thereby completely ignoring the following claim that it belongs to the inhabitants that come to The United States of America: LINK

2: That the reign of the heavens society Temple is a devil worshipping organization and a cult, and that we never rebutted the claim that Stuart Best is a devil worshiper. False!  No one has ever brought that claim forward to the Temple members and no claim has been brought forward regarding the claim that Stewart Best is a devil worshiper. Steward Best is not a member of the Temple. Stewart Best never claimed to be a devil worshiper. 

3: That everyone naturalizes into a private trust rather than a full country and the States of the Union: False!

4: That the Government of The United States of America is trafficking in persons. False!

5: That it takes an indictment and due process to remove a General Post Master or Military personnel from office. False!

6: That the Government of The United States of America is sending people over back into the three city state empire which is what AVR was doing. False!

7: The Government of The United States of America are accessing people estates! False!

8: That The United States of America is an assumed name owned by the Post Master General and that it is a business trust. False!

9: That there is no chain of title to The United States of America, Continental Army, United States, in Congress assembled nor the War Crimes Tribunal, and also claims that the estates are being placed back under the crown thereby claiming the estates are being stolen, extorting money from people. False!

10: That the coroner is pronouncing people dead to raid their estates. False!

11: That the Continental Army is being turned over to the People because Jay Von Spreck owns it. Jay Von Spreck does not have a claim. John Harold Fulks has been lying to Jay Von Spreck.  

12: That the NANP are democrats blaming everyone else of what NANP is doing. False!

13: That an embassy was stolen by a GPM. False!

14: That an Army is owned if you own the domain per John Harold Fulks. False!

15: That if Jay Von Spreck owns the domain that he stole in the first place, that the Continental Army can be turned over to the local militias and let the Republic restore the Continental Army also stated by John Harold Fulks. False!

16: That a Military has the right to hear an affidavit and place the office holders in the Government on trial and under an investigation for four months. False!  All evidence is now in-admissable to the GPMC to hear the case because all evidence has been tampered with by Jay Von Spreck and three dis-gruntled inhabitants. 

17: Jay Von Spreck has been mis-interpreting things he is seeing for the last four months because he showed up about a year ago and does not know the full story of each claim he is making which is typical of most inhabitants when they figure out they have to come here to work and not party everyday.  Jay Von Spreck is now attempting to claim the counties and all of the militias to form what he calls his Continental Army will be lawfully re-instated. 

Jay Von Spreck does not know that one of his affiants works for the Bank of America and Lloyds of London as a tech that keeps their fraud running everyday per the affiant. Does anyone know what kind of clearance that someone would need to be the technician for lloyds of london that would have to know all of their secrets to keep their operation of theft going on all over the world? 

Further more, Jay Von Spreck has tampered with another affiant that has a history of lying to the National assembly with plenty of witnesses to that fact and is now trying to raise his own army against the National assembly. 

Further more, the Postmaster General has only his own personal claim to the country The United States of America and to the inhabitants to make their own claim wherein the original claim to the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries was turned over to the Government of The United States of America after the 2013 elections and completed after the 2015 election once it was proven a stable country and Government. Placing sections of Government into trust is to protect it from foreign claims and when the danger is gone, that part of the Government comes back out of trust. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

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