Oil is NOT a Fossil Fuel!

Oil is NOT a Fossil Fuel!

Published in The Revolutionary Times News on [08-09-2023]


The congregation of Satan has been advocating a lie that oil is a fossil fuel not to be relied on. The truth is that oil is abiotic meaning it is not created from living organisms such as dinosaurs or fossils of living creatures and actually replenishes in time. This has been a deception to further line the pockets of private banking institutions and those companies in the oil industry while advocating for carbon reduction through Climate worship also known as Climate change.

Provided are a few publications debunking the lie that is fossil fuel;

The climate hoax through carbon reduction has been pushed on all fronts and the U.S. is so allegiant to the congregation of Satan that a quick search finds the Environmental Protection Agency has “green lighted” a “climate friendly” new fuel from plastic that appears to have extremely high carcinogenic properties which if used by jets and planes will be dropped upon the populace and considered as carcinogenic Genocide committed by those airline and militarized companies under the direction of at least one (1) agency of the U.S. corporation. Carbon reduction as proposed by the congregation of Satan is really population reduction.

Our Father in heaven Yahweh created all things on earth for man to bear fruit and increase giving His Son Yahushua the Messiah authority over all things on earth, not a few Esoteric Society members that worship Satan and think they know what is best for all the inhabitants of the world. The congregation of Satan has whitewashed the truth about oil and arbitrarily taken power of attorney over Yahweh’s creations to enslave the populace under a One World Order communist agenda. The assembly of Elohim hereby demands the lie to cease and for the congregation to cease classifying oil as a fossil fuel.

Published by the assembly of Elohim in accordance with Mattithyahu (Matthew) 28:18

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