Jennifer Lyn Ryalls Objections to False Statements Coming from Jay Von Spreck, Clova Dayton Westfall and Howard Frederick Walker III

Jennifer Lyn Ryalls Objection To False Claimes Coming From Clova899 KiB153
PUBLIC NOTICE 10 03 2022 10 04 2022 10 05 2022 Affidavit Jay Von (2)3.3 MiB145


Respondents: Jay Von Spreck, Clova Dayton Westfall and Howard Frederick Walker III
Hereinafter “Respondents”.
Comes now Jennifer Lyn Ryalls hereinafter “Affiant” being competent to testify and being over
the age of twenty-one years, after first being duly affirmed according to tell the truth to the facts
related herein states that Affiant has first-hand knowledge and belief that these facts are true to
the best of Affiant’s knowledge and belief, and
1. On (October 8, 2022) Respondent Clova Dayton Westfall posted a PDF titled
DESIST”, See Evidence below for the document.
2. “WHERAS the communist has claimed sovereignty and believe the United States and its
law enforcement agencies has no authority or jurisdiction over them.”, and
3. “WHEREAS the communist Insurgency is claiming sovereignty and supreme authority
over the government and the meets and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United
States of America, and have stolen government property located at 18 Harding Street,
Johnstown, State of Pennsylvania, 15905. The communist Insurgents should be
considered armed and dangerous, and
4. “BE IT ORDERED the communist are hereby ordered to cease and desist all illegal
takeover activity, fraud, sedition, treason, and attempted subversion over The United
States of America”, and
5. “BE IT ORDERED to CEASE and DESIST! The honorable men and woman serving to
defend the Republic object to the lies, death threats, slander, defamation, and character
assassinations, made by the communist. The communist cult members are skilled in
linguistics and double speak and follow the Marxist ideology, of accusing your advisory
of what you yourself are guilty of”, and
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6. “BE IT ORDERED all affidavits submitted by the Insurgents during the ongoing
investigation are null and void”,
7. “reign of the heavens (ROH Trust) High Priest (Cult Leader) claims power of attorney
over God\Yahweh, Communist Coup leader Keith Edward Livingway (Fugitive at Large,
believed to have a warrant for his arrest in Shelby County Kentucky)”, and
8. “Cult Followers and their government offices” and Jennifer Runov AKA Ryalls –
Coroner (High Priest Mistress) “.
1. The Whole Document that was posted has no direction and a fanned authority that
nobody has given any of the Respondents. Affiant is continuing to be harassed by
Respondents whereas Affiants name keeps coming up in Respondents papers in what
appears to be a made-up war that Respondents are playing out in Respondents own
minds. Nothing but false Statements and an attempt to place harm on Affiant, and
2. Affiant is NOT a communist nor involved with any communists and Affiant is getting
tired of Respondents claims of such. Affiant does NOT claim any form of sovereignty
individually or as a group. sovereignty only resides within Yahushua/Jesus and in Him
alone. Affiant has NEVER stated that the United States and its law enforcement agencies
has no authority or jurisdiction over Affiant. This statement is made to attempt at placing
the affiant under the classification of a sovereign citizen so the feds will assassinate the
Affiant for the Respondents, and
3. Affiant AGAIN is being labeled as a communist whereas Respondents plan to murder
communists thereby showing Respondents intent to murder Affiant. AFFIANT IS NOT
The house on 18 Harding Street in Johnstown, PA was Quit Claim Deeded over to a
Trust whereas Respondent Howard Frederick Walker III and his wife signed, twice. The
truth of the matter is that Howards Frederick Walker III was past due 5years in taxes and
was trying to pawn the house onto the National assembly, whereas Affiant needed a place
to live and covered the back debts and took the burden that the house was to Respondent
Howard Fredderick Walker III. Furthermore, Respondent Howard Frederick Walker III
makes multiple statements of giving 18 Harding St to the National assembly, yet the
National assembly is not claiming Affiant stole 18 Harding st.. More False statements
from Respondents intending harm upon Affiant, and
4. Affiant is again being called a communist, Affiant is NOT a communist. Whatever
Respondents are claiming as an “illegal takeover activity, fraud, sedition, treason, and
attempted subversion” is what appears to be some weird story playing out in Respondents
own imagination, and
5. Respondents in point 5 have made an “Order” to “Ceases and Desist” and Affiant is
unsure what Respondents are ordering Affiant to Cease doing and furthermore Affiant is
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unsure where Respondents acquired authority to order Affiant to do or not to do anything.
Yet again Respondents are attempting to harm Affiant by labeling Affiant as a
communist whereas Respondents intent to put to death all communists. Affiant has not
made a single lie, death threat, slander, defamation of character or character assassination
towards any Respondents whereas Affiant is simply defending against the accusation
coming towards Affiant from Respondents whereas all these accusations are in fact what
Respondents are doing to Affiant. Affiant does not double speak and is not a “skilled
linguistics” speaker, though Affiant does appreciate the compliment, and
6. Affiant does NOT have to listen to Respondents “BE IT ORDERED” anything.
Respondents DO NOT OWN AFFIANT nor is Affiant in any social compact with
Respondents. At this point Respondents are simply harassing Affiant and need to stop.
Respondents saying affidavits are “null and void” do not make them null and void.
Affidavits will stand as evidence and published.
7. Point 7 is really sad. The reign of the heavens is a country not ROH Trust. The High
Priest is Yahushua/Jesus and no one else can claim that title. Respondents calling
Yahushua/ Jesus a cult leader and that He claims power of attorney over God/Yahweh is
a really odd thing for Respondents to say. Affiant is not going to speak for
Yahushua/Jesus but from what Affiant has seen He has not claimed power of attorney
over God/Yahweh. Affiant has worked with Keith Edward Livingway for over 2 years
now and can witness to the fact that Keith Edward Livingway is in fact NOT a
communist nor a Fugitive at large. It appears as though Respondents have multiple
people they intend to murder/harm.
8. Respondents claim that Affiant is the “High Priest Mistress” is a complete abomination.
Claiming that Yahushua/Jesus even has a mistress is denial of His perfection. Affiant
completely objects to this disgusting statement. It appears that Respondents are in to
some sort of devil worship as no one Affiant has ever met would claim Yahushua/Jesus
had a mistress, however a devil worshipper would claim something bogus like that.
Affiant is NOT in a cult and has never been in one…More lies by Respondents.
This is a second attempt at a remedy whereas Affiant is seeking nothing but to be left alone by
ALL Respondents. Affiant asks ALL Respondents to go live Respondents lives away from
Affiant and Affiants name. Affiant wants nothing to do with all the Respondents and
Respondents families, and
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The Respondents shall have Ten (10) days from the international, national,
and county publication to give rebuttal to the claims stated within this
Affidavit or these claims shall further stand as fact.
Affiant Further Sayeth Naught,

//Jennifer Lyn Ryalls//
General Post Master for the Government of The United States of America

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